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BitShares is a software company which works on a number of financial solutions built on a Blockchain​, including decentralized asset exchanges (DEX), banking, project funding, and others. It has its own Cryptocurrency​ token, BTS, which is used to power its network. [4]


The Founder of Bitshares is Dan Larimer​.



On the second day of June 2013, an entrepreneur named Dan “Bytemaster” Larimer was struck with an idea. [5]​ Before sundown he had reworked his original BitShares whitepaper and published the whole new concept at bitcointalk.org[6]

On American Independence Day, the Fourth of July 2013, Invictus Innovations was incorporated in the state of Virginia.[5]

In September, the concept of a Distributed Autonomous Company (DAC) was invented and introduced to the world in two groundbreaking LetsTalkBitcoin.com articles:

Overpaying For Security


Bitcoin and the three laws of robotics

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