BitPesa is a universal payment and trading platform for Africa headquartered in Nairobi, with offices and staff in Lagos, London and San Francisco. It provides an online platform to convert digital currency such as bitcoin into local African currencies. Founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Rossiello and Duncan Goldie-Scot, the goal of BitPesa is to allow individuals and businesses to send payments to and from Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania .

At the end of May 2014, BitPesa launched its beta site with a service that allows users to send money to any mobile money wallet in Kenya.

As at November 2015, BitPesa offers instant payments to and from 7 different mobile money networks and over 60 banks in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


BitPesa has three main products:

  • BitPesa Pay for smaller payments directly to mobile money accounts
  • BitPesa for Business for larger payments directly to a bank account, multiple mobile or bank accounts
  • BitPesa Trade for users to buy or sell Bitcoin from mobile or bank accounts