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"Light Rock, Acoustic Rock- Contemporary life situations are depicted in the songs, mostly from personal experience, some from observation of others close to him..."

After traveling from Idaho to North Carolina in September of 2012, Bill Waugh continues to create and record new material for the 2015 year, with plans to perform Eastern NC, as well as the DC area, then West to Nashville TN.
The latest album “Where I Stand” will shed some light on the events of his personal life. Light Rock, Acoustic Rock- Contemporary life situations are depicted in the songs, mostly from personal experience, some from observation of others close to him.
Bill also began a project last year with new original Rock group “CounterSuit”, hitting the stage in Fall 2014.
The self-titled acoustic EP “Breaking” release 2012 was inspired by the fact that, despite his ability to front a full band, Bill was determined to let the world know where he was truly coming from. “I wanted to trim the fat on this one…just keep it raw and real.”
Four years ago, his song 6 Strings (recorded with former band Craving Dawn) hit the air, notably on an FM station that primarily plays hard rock and metal.
In the winter of 2003, Bill went through a divorce and began to scribe his passive-aggressive emotions on paper. Then it just clicked. Bill realized he had a gift for tying the elements together. “It was like therapy I didn’t know that I needed.” he says. Then one song after another poured out. He got a notebook, and amongst scratches and scribbles came “…something people need to hear. I know they can relate.”
Bill had self-produced solo album “Passion Seeds” Fall of 2009, in which he gave away about 150 copies. But the “band” were his keyboard and multi-track recorder. He felt it was time to get some real musicians together, who later became rock band Craving Dawn. The 5 piece group gained local success in Boise, Idaho, playing over 50 live shows in their first year. They produced as well, album “Learning Curve”, performed in Las Vegas and sent song Altar for Fears to France on a Midem compilation CD.
In the fall of 2011, Bill left Craving Dawn (who broke up immediately after) due to creative conflict and personal reasons to set out solo once more, working on material to record and perform, and has since realized the beginning of his dream. The cover songs can go…the fans are now asking for more original songs at his live shows. [+]
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