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Big Head is a producer based in Los Angeles, California​.[4]​ He has worked with Gucci Mane​, Chief Keef​, Lil Pump​, Lil Tracy​, Lil Peep​, Smokepurpp​, and Soulja Boy​ and is known for his tagline "Oooh Big Head On The Beat."[2]



Big Head is originally from Lancaster, California​.[7]​ Growing up, Big Head listened the rock music his father played and some of his favorite bands were Led Zepplin​ and the Red Hot Chili Peppers​.[1]​ When he was 16, he heard Lex Luger (producer)​ produce Waka Flocka​'s Flockavelli mixtape for the first time, which he credits as the reason why he started producing.[1]​ He bought FruityLoops and taught himself how to produce instrumentals.[1]​ By the time he was 19, Big Head was making money selling beats on the internet.​[7]​ At one point, he was making $10,000 a month.

Big Head competitively road dirt bikes during his childhood.[1]​ was home schooled for a period of time but dropped out. He has never stepped foot in a high school for academic purposes.[7]​ He has been called "Big Head" since his childhood and chose it as his producer name.[7]


Some of Big Head's most notable songs include Famous Dex's "Ok Dexter," Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang," Lil Tracy's "Life of a Popstar," etc.[5]

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