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Close your eyes and imagine that you had never heard Hip Hop. That you had never been influenced by the culture - the beat box, the clothes, the sound, the graffiti, the DJ, nor the command of the MC. Just think if Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five never gave you "The Message" or if Common never "Used to Love H.E.R". Who or where or what would you be, because we both know that you wouldn't be ...the person you are now.

Let's say today you turned on the radio and your ears were instantaneously filled with a newness. A newness that ran through your body with total disregard to the overwhelming residue it left on every emotion you have ever felt. It identified with every experience - your highs, your lows, your triumphs, your ills. This newness was altogether beautiful and ugly and dark and radiant. It took you to all the places that you wanted to be, and every place you wanted to run from - so you stood there in the middle of its womb and was reborn.

Can you remember the first time you felt like this? Now, can you remember the last? Its difficult because much of present day Hip Hop lacks this "newness". To the extent that many Hip Hop heads argue if it's even Hip Hop. But if you look deep enough, you will always find a true diamond in the rough - an artist that embodies the culture. An artist that effortlessly awakens those, once, celebrated emotions with a sound -with a newness- comparable to his own.

Ladies and Gentlemen I like to, formally introduce you to Knowledge Over Nonsense...

Fed up with the lack of love from local producers and fellow MC’s, KON took matters into his own hands. His thirst for musical knowledge pushed him to the edge. At age 13, he would make a life changing decision. He was through with being patient… he understood now what it took to be an Independent artist.

Born and raised in Jackson Heights/Corona, Queens in a Cuban household, KON was exposed to a variety of Latin music at an early age. His father was an avid collector of Old Latino Boleros and classic Soul music from the 60's and 70's which greatly influenced and helped shape KON's musical character. His music describes his adolescence, his love and his thirst. His music describes his plight to be more.

First mastering a free piece of production software on his PC then buying his first MPC at age 17, Rapper and Producer KON decided it was time to take his artistry to the next level. Having the opportunity to advance in what he loved, he was accepted into the Institute of Audio Research and received an audio engineering degree. Now having the skill and knowledge to manipulate his talent into a generated income, KON was producing beats for many talented underground and legendary MC’s such as Blahzay, Lil Fame of MOP, and Thaitanium to engineering and mixing/mastering music projects for many local artists on the scene. However, paying the rent wasn’t enough. His passion and lust for rhyming was beginning to over power him.

In 2010, it was time to bring his MCing prowess to light. Unsure of how his craft would be accepted, he released his first EP “Above the Clouds” to a new brand of people. Show after show, open mic after open mic, with much praise/hype from his new fans and bravado from his newfound confidence, KON had decided on a release party. Drawing a crowd of over 200 people and packing out location Public Assembly, in Brooklyn, NY KON discovered his stride and need to reach an even higher level of impression.

Shortly after, in the momentum of things, he released another project in March 2011 entitled "LIKE IT or LOVE IT." With industry beats varying from Producers like Kanye West to J Dilla to Nottz and Hi-Tek, this mixtape would display what a true mixtape inspired him during times of his first experience with Hip Hop, in a form blended by DJ Dyllemma.

In between both projects Rapper KON’s been strategically piecing together his debut album "My Glorious Imperfection." In August 2011, he released his latest single and video, "Victory Lap" (which is the first single release off project, “My Glorious Imperfection”).

Arraying Heart, Soul and Struggle in the highest quality possible, KON’s presented his music at shows for such artists as, Joe Budden, Masta Ace, Rah Digga, Immortal Technique and Blu to name a few. Currently working with independent artists such as Silent Knight, Erin Barra, Brown Bag Allstars, Tenille, Mazzi, ASR and prevailing with a live punch to the gut neo-soul-hiphop-rock band, “Death.By.Plastic” (his newest project in the work), proves the limitless and endless variety and progression in his music.

You can find more on artist KON on – KNOWLEDGEOVERNONSENSE.COM
Stream/Download music on – KONMUSIC.BANDCAMP.COM
Watch his video at - youtube.com/watch?v=3ZjbYhJHLuw
Become a fan on – KON FACEBOOK
Watch him live every Sunday 12-2PM on – URBANMEDIATV.COM

Stay tuned…the movement has only just begun. [+]
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