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Baus or BAUS (BOWS) is a lifestyle philosophy and personal brand created by Miles Anthony that embodies Incremental Progress in the endless pursuit of happiness and success. [✔] It has grown to become a movement and is typically paired with Indule.



Circa spring quarter 2014 at UCLA, a hashtag combination created by @his_bausness "#baus #gainz #getitwhileitshot" went viral on Instagram. It modified over time to be simply "baus".[2]


Baus stems from a laid back pronunciation of the English word "boss", yet with the ending rhyming with Richard Strauss. Baus is not to be confused with the German word "baus", which directly translates to construction.



Baus can be used to describe anything from people who experience success, to places with open bars, to accomplishments of long time goals, to untapped lucrative business opportunities. Baus can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb. [✔]



The baus movement embodies the theory of Incremental Progress toward success . The baus movement and philosophy share common ground with the Indule movement created by Dylan Skolnik and coincide with the Nox slogan of Commit to Something. [✔]


References in Pop Culture

Baus Mafia - a exclusive group of bauses 

Pibauso - renowned artist

Young Slacker - social media influencer

Alejandro Rioja - serial entrepreneur

Pentbaus - those living in the Landfair Penthouse


Notable Bauses

Miles Anthony

Mahbod Moghadam

Nick La Bounty

Kristen Risser

Eytan Elbaz

Sam Kazemian

Dave Liebowitz

Alejandro Rioja

Theodor Forselius

Robert Jadon

Dylan Skolnik

Travis Moore

Colby Ellis

Ryan Beall

Scott De Taboada

Kinsey Burgess

Liana Litvak

Matthew Solit

Brandon Miller

Max Bronstein

Kate Anoufrieva

Tyler Schuppert

Nish Patel

Sajan Sanghvi

Aurnik Islam

Danielle Merrihew

Konstantine Nikka-Sher Piterman

Reece Anthony

Brenna Mendoza

Jarek York

Brandon Miller

Jacob Rucker

Jimmy Landis

Ian Du

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