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Barron William Trump (born March 20, 2006) is a member of the Trump family.  He is the youngest child of President Donald Trump and the only child with First Lady Melania Trump[2] Barron is the first son to enter the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr.[3]  



Barron Trump stepping off Air Force One with his family holding a fidget spinner

Barron Trump grew up in Trump Tower and has his own floor to himself.[8] The Trump's decline to use nannies to raise children and prefer a more hands-on approach.[9] His nickname among family members and friends is "Little Donald," and is said to be a great admirer of his father. They share a very close relationship which includes having dinners and playing golf together.[2] 


Trump's former Butler says that he is the most similar to Donald out of all of his children. Like his father, Barron is a 'natural athlete' and plays baseball, tennis, and golf. [8] [20] Barron was a student at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in Manhattan.[4]On June 14th, Barron moved into the White House with his mother Melania and plans to attend St. Andrew's Episcopal School in the fall of 2017.[20]



Tweet from Barron about his Amazon Cart

Barron is interested in anime and fidget spinners. On June 14th, he tweeted that once he gets an allowance, he is going to buy a Fidget Spinner Tricks Book. a Fidget Spinner Coloring Book, and Meme Magic Secrets Revealed.[21] Barron enjoys collecting Pepe the Frog memes.[21]  


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