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Inspired by melody and driven by story, Nashville based singer/songwriter Austin Adams looks at music as an opportunity to connect the dots. Sharing and singing songs that strike at the heart of life and everything that comes with it isn't something original, but something essential. On a basic human level, we're all dealing with the same ups and downs. Austin endeavors for his music to serve as a way to prove that were not all as different as we once thought.Originally from Atlanta GA, Austin's musical interests started early in life. His father was part of the Atlanta Music Scene during the late 60's and 70's, and encouraged Austin toward music at a young age. During his teenage years playing local gigs, Austin's interest continued to grow. It was during this time he began writing his own songs. However, it wasn't until his move to Nashville in 2006 that Austin really started to sharpen and perfect his ability as a singer/songwriter.

At first, Austin really didn't consider a career in the music industry a reality. However, after finishing college, he started working tirelessly to find a sound and gather support for his passion. He started playing in local clubs and bars native to his hometown in Atlanta and in Nashville performing as frequently as he could. It was during this time Austin's voice caught the ear of noted Nashville producer Brent Milligan. Milligan approached Austin about doing an album together, now set to release spring 2012.“When you get out, go to various places and meet different people, music takes on a different meaning. You let people tell you their stories—those stories become the music — then the music becomes bigger than yourself,' –'In truth, music at its simplest form is a chance to connect.” Sharing life's frustrations and triumphs, Austin's passion is to share other's experiences by putting them in a song.

“No matter who you are, the end mark of where life is leading is hardly ever clear, but somewhere between hope and longing, trial and struggle, there is a want and desire to discover potential and purpose in this world. Not by what we are accomplishing, but who we are becoming.”
– Austin Adams [+]
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