Charles Andrew Bothwell (born December 13, 1981), better known by his stage name Astronautalis, is an American alternative hip hop artist currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


After gaining a few recognition in local circles in Jacksonville, Florida and competing at Scribble Jam, Astronautalis self-released his debut album, You and Yer Good Ideas, in 2003. He eventually signed with Fighting Records and the record was re-released in 2005, followed by his second album, The Mighty Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters, in 2006. He released the third album, Pomegranate, on Eyeball Records in 2008. In winter 2009, he toured with the Canadian indie rock band Tegan and Sara through Europe, and supported them again through the spring of 2010 in Australia. His fourth album, This Is Our Science, was released on Fake Four Inc. in 2011. His latest release, Cut the Body Loose, was released in 2016.

He is a descendant of James Hepburn, fourth Earl of Bothwell, which is one of the reasons why his lyrics often deal with historical fiction.


Astronautalis has been described as "if Beck were a decade or so younger and had grown up more heavily immersed in hip-hop," with his rapping style noted for "blending styles of indie rock, electro, and talkin’ blues" with hip-hop. He has described himself as "historical fiction hip-hop."

During live performances, he often performs a freestyle rap based on topics chosen by members of his audience.





Mixtapes, EPs, and singles


  • Dancehall Horn Sound!! (2010) (with DJ Fishr Pryce)


  • Meet Me Here (2004)
  • Texas Kinda Rhymes With Sexist (2005)
  • A Round Trip Ticket to China (2006)
  • Split EP (2006) (with Babel Fishh)
  • Gold Bones (2007)
  • Dang! Seven Freestyles in Seven Days (2008)
  • The Unfortunate Affairs of Mary and Earl (2008)
  • The Young Capitalist's Starter Kit (2008)
  • Daytrotter Sessions (2011)
  • This City Ain't Just a Skyline (2013)
  • SIKE! (2016)

Collaborative singles

  • "This Is the Place" (2013) (with Sims)
  • "The Rainmakers" b/w "Fallen Streets" (2013) (with Rickolus)
  • "MMMMMHMMMMM" b/w "Please Go" (2013) (with P.O.S, as Four Fists)

Vinyl releases

  • You and Yer Good Ideas (2003) [Dual 12' Vinyl: Black]
  • Split Series Vol. 2 (2006) (with BabelFishh]) [12' Vinyl: 500 Black]
  • Pomegranate (2008) [12' Vinyl: Black, Ltd: White]
  • This Is Our Science (2011) [12' Vinyl: Black]
  • Astronautalis & Rickolus (2013) (with Rickolus) [1st Pressing: 100 Mixed Color (Hand-Numbered), 150 Red, 150 White, 250 Black; second Pressing: 175 Lavender, 175 Blue]
  • Four Fists (2013) (with P.O.S) [500 Clear, 500 Red, 500 White, 500 Blue]
  • Double Exposure Vol 3. (2013) (with Chuck Ragan) [100 Blue, 200 White, 300 Red, 400 Black]
  • The Mighty Ocean & Nine Dark Theaters (2015) [Dual 12' Vinyl: 500 Swirled blue/white/clear]

Guest appearances & production credits

Guest appearances

Production credits


  • Trouble Hunters (2009)
  • The Wondersmith and His Sons (2010)
  • Contrails (2011)
  • This Is Our Science (2012)
  • Dimitri Mendeleev (2013)
  • SIKE! (2016)
  • Running Away From God (2016)
  • Kurt Cobain (2016)