Aristoc, located in Belper in Derbyshire, is a British marketer and manufacturer of hosiery, founded in 1924. The company makes most of its products in the Amber Valley in Derbyshire.


Aristoc is a British hosiery brand that's over 80 years old. The company was originally known as A E Allen and dates back to the 1920s, but was renamed to Aristoc in 1934. Aristoc originally marketed itself as the "aristocrat of silk stockings". They are famous for their production of tights, knee-highs, stockings, shapewears, and body shapers. Aristoc is a brand under the company Pretty Polly. They are known to be reasonably priced so most can afford them. Aristoc is most commonly known for their bodyshapers. Aristoc is recorded to be one of the longest established hoisery brands in the United Kingdom. As of 2013, Aristoc has stated that ninety percent of its manufacturing is currently based in Britain, at its Derbyshire facility, as part of its campaign to support traditional British manufacturing.