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Anllela Sagra is a fitness model on Instagram[1] She is of Columbian descent.[0]


Early Life and Fitness Beginnings

Anllela working out
Anllela working out

Anllela was born and raised in Columbia. When she was younger, Anllela was an aspiring model studied fashion design but became passionate about fitness when she was 18-years-old.[14] Although many said gaining muscle mass would ruin any hope of a modeling career, Anllela decided to commit full-time to fitness and finished 3rd place in her first competition.[15]


Career and Success

Anllela decided to pursue becoming Columbia' first fitness model.[15] She quickly started to build a following on Instagram and worked with photographers such as OHRANGUTANG.[4] As part of her hustle, Anllela is sponsored by 1UP Nutrition and offers workout plans to clients.[15] As of March 2017, Anllela has over 8 million followers on Instagram.[2]


Personal Life

Anllela started dating fellow bodybuilder and athlete Tomas in 2015.Her favorite color is white and her favorite number is 6.[14] She started going to the gym when she was 18-years-old.[14] In her free time she likes to eat massive gains. Her favorite parts of her body is her abs.[14] Her favorite place in the world is Walt Disney World.[14]


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