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Andrea Kuszewski is a Cognitive Scientist, Consultant, Behavior Therapist, and Science Writer based in San Francisco​. Her studies focuses on the areas of Creativity, Intelligence, Exceptional Ability, X-Altruism, Sociopathy, Emotion Regulation, and Motivation.[4]


Early Life and Education

Andrea is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin​.[5]​ She has studied different subjects at multiple higher education institutions. Andrea studied Biomedical Art at Cleveland Art, Psychology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale​, Psychology (Experimental) at Case Western Reserve University​, and Psychology at Harvard University​.[5]



Andrea has worked as a Behavior Therapist and Consultant for children on the autism spectrum and specializes in treating those with Asperger's Syndrome things such as social skills and communication.[7]


Andrea has worked as a researcher with METODO Social Sciences Institute, the US branch of METODO Transdisciplinary Research Group on Social Sciences, based in Bogotá, Colombia, investigating the neuro-cognitive factors behind human behavior- this includes topics such as creativity, intelligence, illegal behavior, and disorders on the divergent-convergent thinking spectrum of schizophrenia and autism.[7]​ She has published papers on the neuroscience of creativity, intelligence, and the analysis of illegal behavior and the creative rule-breaking process.[7]


Andrea is an Affiliate Scholar at IEET, and on the Neuroscience, Futurists, and Media & Arts Boards for The Lifeboat Foundation. She considers herself a science and science communication activist.[6]

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