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Andi Moritz is an 18-year-old former student at Bryn Mawr College. She attended Hershey High School and originally hails from Hershey, Pennsylvania.[1]


Political Views

Moritz became interested in politics when she was a junior in high school and became an active participant in the youth-in-government club. At first she identified as a Democrat, but then shifted to more Republican views after taking into account national security and gun rights.


Moritz aspires to work for the State Department.


Harassment Over Support For Trump

In September of 2016, Moritz posted in a ride share Facebook group at Bryn Mawr that she was looking for someone to ride with her to a Trump Rally. She received backlash from the largely liberal college community.[8]


Moritz had struggled with anxiety and mild depression in the past, and a day after her post she called a suicide hotline. Two days later she dropped out of college.[5]


Moritz stated that Bryn Mawr did very little to assist her in her time of trouble and went up against little resistance when she decided to drop out.[5] She is currently working at an animal shelter and is looking to attend other schools, but has no immediate plans to re-enroll.[5]




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