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Somewhere between picturesque Appalachian Mountains and grimy granola-flavored streets, a strange rhythm taps itself out. It begins with a tick, a click of the tongue that beckons the ear closer to the mysterious sound. As you listen closer, the sound becomes clearer: is it a tick-tock of a clock, or the scattered sound of rain knocking at the windows of the houses while they sleep?
It starts to organize, first the stomping of feet, then a pitter-patter of acoustic guitar strings like a gentle breeze that rustles autumn leaves. The sound grows louder and louder increasing to a maddening cacophony of sound organized only by the slender hands of the young man on stage. He smiles and greets his audience as they flow into the venue and join the musical painting that he’s created. He cleverly stacks rhythms with creative beatboxing, a wide array of percussive talents, syncopated lyrics, and clever acoustic guitar playing; this singer/songwriter is the definition of unique. Inspired by the yelling, praying, moonshining, drum-hitting, and simple stomping of feet, Allijah Motika is sharing his songs, voice, sound, and most importantly, his incredible love for music. [+]
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