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Alfrederick Borromeo Cardenas (born 10 May 1990) is a Filipino serial entrepreneur, investor, and a self-published author.[11] [12] He is best known as the founder and CEO of A+C Capital, A+C Outsourcing, A+C Media, A+C Sport, and A+C Automotive.

Early Life

Early Childhood

Alfred Cardenas was born in Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines to a simple family. His father, Alberto Bautista Cardenas, is a used car salesman. His mother, Ma. Anita Borromeo Cardenas, is a dedicated and loving housewife. He has one sibling, Albert Angelo Cardenas, who also has a career in the Business process outsourcing industry.[11]


Before Cardenas went to high school, his whole family moved to Rizal, Philippines. This is where he spent most of his teenage life. During his high school days, Cardenas was involved in different sports. He represented his school in Soccer, Boxing, and Taekwondo during official competitions. During this period, Cardenas developed an intense passion for sports.[11]


He developed his fascination with technology, specifically in Computer programming, during his college days in STI College where he took Bachelor of Science in Information technology. He started his first business venture, a Software development company, while still in college in 2009. The business didn't take off but it was his first taste of Entrepreneurship.[11]


While still in college, Cardenas was inspired by Steve Jobs because of his remarkable success in Apple Inc. and Richard Branson for his leadership in the Virgin Group.[11]  


A+C Sport

In March 2015, Cardenas left his first BPO career to start his second business venture, an online Sporting goods Retail company, A+C Sport. The company's original name was Boot Centre because of their focus to solely sell football boots. As the company grew, they started selling different sporting goods. Cardenas changed its name to The Sports Club and changed it again to A+C Sport in 2017.[11]


Today, A+C Sport provides a wide range of sporting goods to athletes worldwide.

A+C Outsourcing

In December 2016, Cardenas left his second BPO career working as a Customer service representative for a young BPO company representing DoorDash, a Silicon Valley food delivery Startup. Cardenas then founded A+C Outsourcing, a virtual BPO company that focuses on helping startups and SMEs.[11]  

Cardenas working on A+C Outsourcing in Singapore


The company offers BPO services to startups and SMEs to help them with their customer service and administrative operations.  Today, A+C Outsourcing's clients include Ideator, GKIM, LAT International, and Life Language Bootcamp to name a few.[13]

A+C Media

Digital media is the foundation of all of Cardenas' companies. This fact inspired him to create A+C Media, a global digital media company that is focused on helping its clients achieve their digital marketing goals. A+C Media focuses on eCommerce, web design and development, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and digital creative contents. As of this writing, A+C Media is a certified Shopify Partner, Wix Expert member, and a Google Partner firm.



A+C Capital

After successfully creating A+C Sport, A+C Outsourcing, and A+C Media, Alfred Cardenas created A+C Capital, a venture capital conglomerate with a sole purpose of developing and nurturing businesses to serve consumers and businesses worldwide.


Today, A+C Capital is a Limited Liability Company based in Delaware, United States and is the parent company of all A+C brands worldwide.

A+C Automotive

Raised by a used car salesman, Alfred Cardenas developed a strong passion for cars. He also noticed the lack of quality when it comes to the products and services that automotive companies provide. This is the reason why Alfred Cardenas founded A+C Automotive, a global auto parts & accessories retail company. The company also plans to offer auto care services in the Philippines before the year 2018 ends.

Self-Published Books

Journey to Financial Security

Cardenas became a licensed Financial advisor for Sun Life Financial Philippines in May 2016. He left his career as a financial advisor in January 2017 to focus on building his A+C companies. During his short career as a financial advisor, Cardenas published his basic Personal Finance book on Amazon.com on July 1, 2016, that aims to teach Filipinos the basics and importance of Personal Finance.[11] [12]

Journey to Financial Security Book Cover

Personal Life

Alfred Cardenas currently drives a brand new 2018 Toyota Wigo G 1.0 A/T and he lives in a simple townhouse in Central Luzon, Philippines together with his wife Elaine.


He spends most of his days leading and managing all A+C companies in his home office so he can always be with his family.


Cardenas met his wife, Elaine Victoria Rivera, in 2011 while both were working in TeleTech as call center agents. They got married in March 2016. Today, the couple is happily married and became business partners as well.[11]


Alfred Cardenas considers himself a multi-passionate individual. His passion revolves around entrepreneurship, finance, real estate, sports, and automobiles. He is a self-proclaimed fan of Apple, Inc, Toyota, Yi Technology, and FC Barcelona​.

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