Aidsmap, additionally known as the NAM Aidsmap, is a website which summarises HIV and AIDS news for a layman audience.



"NAM" originally stood for "national AIDS manual" and referred to a 1987 compendium of all information about HIV published for non-scientists in England. Since Aidsmap became an international organization, NAM is no longer used as an acronym and there's no longer any particular "aids manual" being maintained.

Timeline of work

Aidsmap was founded in 1987 by Peter Scott, who was then working for the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. He was seeking to address the public's demand for a source of information about HIV.

In 1992 the organisation began publishing the newsletter now called the HIV Treatment Update, which was designed to give patients the information they need to help direct their choices for HIV treatment.

In 1998 was launched as an online resource for all printed materials.