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BMX rider who made a name for himself on the LZBMX YouTube channel where he posts BMX webisodes, drifting videos, "how to" videos and more. He has taught kids around the world how to do barspins, 360s, and more. He has his own clothing brand named LZBMX. He and his friends made videos for fun ever since they started riding. He was always super focused on learning new tricks and progressing my riding as quickly as possible. Before BMX, he was an avid wakeboard rider and was looking to start competing in that sport. However, it was boring wakeboarding alone so he starting riding BMX with all his friends. He enrolled at the University of Central Florida to study business management with a concentration on entrepreneurship. He grew up in a farmer town in Connecticut called Woodbury. His full name is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. He got engaged to Nicole Frye. He shares an exact birthdate with fellow web video star Brandon Temasfieldt. [+]
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