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ackzz pronounced "axe" is an Electronic music​​ producer from Toronto​. Real name is Artemisio Bertone of Italian​​ descent. ackzz has been uploading his music to the web on YouTube[3]​, SoundCloud[4]​, and other music websites since 2015.




In 2016, ackzz released his debut studio album self-titled ackzz[34]​ followed by a 2nd release Time Machine[35]​​ on Apple music​, iTunes and other major distributors. Genres vary from Electronica, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, Dark Electro, Ambient and Experimental.


On August 21, 2017 ackzz released his 3rd Album Transform.[36]​ ​followed by an EP titled “Parallels”[27]​ on Nov 2017 with one of the songs winning the Akademia Music Award for Best Dance / Electronica Song for ‘Dial-up’ in the November 2017 Akademia Music Awards.[26] ackzz released a 5th Album on April 24, 2018 titled "Dimensions".[30]​ ackzz released his 6th Album "Metaphysics" on July 11, 2018.[37]




Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Bob Marley, kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Armin Van Buuren and deadmau5


Name and Logo Origin


ackzz had an old Hotmail address ackzz@hotmail.com and decided to go with the name ackzz for lack of a better name. While experimenting with creating a Youtube video for his music with the title ackzz he discovered that with a reflection\mirror image of ackzz at the bottom and both together at a 90 degree angle looked like an ancient symbol and decided to use it as the artist logo.[21]

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