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California native Ashton Belle (born October 03, 1983) he was born into a family where music permeates into the soul of its members representing, producers, sound engineers, musicians and his parents were music proprietors of a Sound Scan reporting music store, where he spent most of his life and had the privilege of meeting pioneering Rap artist such as the Jay Z, Wu tang Clan, MC Hammer, LLCool J , Mos Def, and Public enemy as his parents would host in-store promotions. It was through meeting these artist and listening to their music that A. Bellez started to develop his talent. It was one of A. Bellez close friends who inspired and collaborated with his music,It was his friendship with producer Troy Johnson, son George Johnson from the famed musical group the Brothers Johnson, who opened the doors to recording at QD’s ( Quincy Jones son’s studio and Will Smith’s studio).

A.Bellez's parents divorced when he was 15 years old, and his mother assumed the heavy lifting of continuing to raise Bellez and his two brothers and sister, because his father had relinquished involvement. “ My mom’s mantra was you can do anything because you are my child, and we all believed her”

In 2006 A. Bellez met a producer on the myspace network by the name of Sonny C. whose sound he took a particular interest in. "It was crazy cause when i first met Sonny he was very business orientated, he used to draw up contracts and sell his tracks to me with whatever cash i would make on the side. but once we developed that relationship our passion for the craft lead us to just work, free of charge.
Together we created Creme De La Creme"

A. Bellez personifies the burning phoenix that rises from his humble musical beginnings, even though he admits of trying to live the life prior to earning the life and it wasn’t until he was faced with universal karmas that hindered him finding a way to do what he loves is when his life started to change. With his Catch Me If You Can mixed tape in hand he went down to the internationally famed Venice beach where he invited visitors to listen to his music and to donate to his efforts.

A.BELLEZ sells 20,775 EP units at Venice Beach Boardwalk
over two weekends

A.BELLEZ sells 112,775 EP units and counting on Hollywood Blvd since June 2013 earning him International recognition.

Venice Beach and Hollywood Blvd not only provided a platform for growth and sharing his music but it also solidified an international fan base and a host of industry connections. “I have met people from all over the world who have supported my music and bought my mixed tape and chat with me on the internet and it has been from these connections I have developed a team of people who are interested in standing with me and contributing to my efforts and the formation of my company Hidden Hand, was formed.

Hidden Hand team is group of people with their own unique talents, from around the world who decided to utilize their talents in the support of my music and to develop my brand. “What artist could ask for more, my international team is still growing. We are a fraternity. If, I succeed we all succeed and we will enjoy the ride together”

Catch Me If You Can-2 soon to be release CD - First single "Say That"
DJ pools around the country is an indication
of great thing to come!
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