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Aaleeyah Petty is a social media personality and an entrepreneur. She is particularly popular on Instagram. She also gained fame Twitter and Vine.


Modeling Career


When she was in school, Aaleeyah Petty used to get dressed up for class. As it happened, her best friend took pictures of her in her outfits. From her perspective, Petty followed her on Instagram to stay updated with what she'd wear on a regular basis.[2]


Eventually, several businesses contacted her and offered to send her free apparel if she displayed some of their clothing items on her account. Over time, she eventually started charging companies, which in turn helped pay for her tuition.[2]


Once she reached 100,000 followers, she decided to turn Instagram modeling into a full-time job.[6]


In March 2015, Petty's account was hacked. However, since opening her new Instagram account (@aaleeyahpetty), she has accumulated over 1.4 million followers;[3] she received 115,000 followers within the first month.


She joined the Twitter world in July 2010.[0]


Aaleeyah did a number of collaboration videos with fellow Viners, including King Bach, Wuz Good, Melvin Gregg, and King Keraun.

Personal Life

Aaleeyah Petty is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She eventually relocated to Los Angeles when she was 19 years old, once she gained fame on Instagram.


She has a dog named Coco.[0]



Back when she was in school, she was very focused on her grades. She got straight A's and didn't go out much. She used to run track but stopped doing it to focus more on her schoolwork.[16]


She graduated high school and completed two years of college. However, she did not get her Associate's degree. She plans to go back once she accomplishes some of her modeling goals and pursue a degree in business marketing.[16] 


While she was in college, Aleeyah Petty was a full-time nanny. She had to watch two little boys and was always on duty. She admits to falling asleep on the couch while watching them.[16]


  • Aaleeyah Petty's favorite food is chicken. Her meals tend to have a lot of protein. However, she doesn't restrict herself to a specific diet, as she believes that you can eat what you'd like as long as you maintain a decent level of physical activity.[6] 
  • When regards to what liquor she likes, she prefers Cîroc.[6]  
  • Her favorite color is pink.[10]


Aaleeyah Petty is currently dating Cameron Payne.[14]


She has previously dated:[8]

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