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Once upon a time...the story I used to tell myself was I felt lost and alone, growing up as an only child in a broken home. I lived in a small town north of Seattle, WA call Bellingham, nothing but clouds and rain. Craving a deeper understanding of the world and out of the cold, sunny California is what brought me to LA. The story I tell myself is to stop “Running from my own dreams,” the hook from my song. Now as a father to my only son, Nick. He is my “little blue eyes”...the driving force “just when I find my place,” lyrics inspired by him. Nick is a reminder of hope, the future and never being too late to change, try again and keep moving forward. What all of us want is to be loved unconditionally no matter what we do. A new chapter has begun, this same nurturing is what I am intertwining into my art as a solo acoustic artist, under the name Logan Grant.

Heavily influenced by my experiences and listening in altered states, my sound is a mix of Rock, Folk, Country, Blues & Soul. From these elements, "A Tune EP" was created and it will be released in mid Sept 2015. I am getting ready to tour the West Coast in Oct 2015, from SoCal to NoCal, OR & WA and back. This tour will be a pilgrimage of my own self discovery and an intent to heal and energize myself and everyone else that I come in contact with.

As far back as I can remember, I was harmonizing with anything that had tone, the fridge, airplanes, cars, etc. At 12 years old, I picked up classical guitar, struggled but became familiar with other songs through tab and I haven't stopped playing. Music is in my blood, in my heart, it always felt like home. It’s about coming home to my son, to my family, friends, to myself in finding my center. I desire to connect, and empower my community as a family. In opening my heart, my spirit and my virtues, my gift will be the music. The giving of my vulnerability is so others can release. Teaching mindfulness is extremely important to me, mostly as a reminder to myself. Everyone including myself, deserves spiritual healing and inspiration. Love will wash over the coast like a mist in my wake. It is time, more than ever, to set a new precedent. My work requires feedback from the larger demographic. An ever deeper desire is the actualization of my dreams of entrepreneurial musicianship. The new paradigm includes a tuning myself to the goals which really excite and energize me.

I am a co-creator of A Tune Awareness, a production company for all artists in all mediums.

By definition, a tune, is to adjust or adapt (something) to a particular purpose or situation. Awareness is concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

Atune-awareness is the description in of itself, along with other intertwining metaphors for improving this short experience here on earth. In its simplest form, my definition of atune-awareness means to stop, look around, be grateful for whatever you do or don't have and remember you are alive. It will all be over soon so enjoy what you have. I know many people are suffering and I have suffered in my own ways. But often those who struggle the most have the most appreciation. In this western world, as I am not too familiar with the east yet, we are distracted by everything except what is important. So many times in my life, I have run from opportunity, fear, intimacy and vulnerability. Atune-awareness is my reminder to myself to stay here, to stay present. I have all of eternity to float around the universe without a physical body. This is a call to action for myself to appreciate these gifts from whatever source they might come from. A call to continue the spread of consciousness that billions are spent to stifle. A call to gamble for what's important and to never let fear inhibit ones dreams. Atune-awareness is to cultivate pure unconditional love for ones self and all our fellow human beings trying to be human.

Therefore, this company is about finding one's true vibrations. Life is short, I have been given gifts, I must use them to give to others. Awaken others through awakening myself. My ideals are being paralleled through this company. Clothing, music, visual art, dance, massage, herbal medicine, teaching all with integrity, honesty & improvisation. A tune is about tapping in, feeling of excitement when you look up, feeling the inspiration through every inch of you, And finally believe you can do something you never thought you could. If one has never felt this, I strongly suggest pursuing it. The world has an endless need for health, presence and joy. My mind needs to be more aware of others in our interconnection. A tune it's about connectivity as well. Building a deeper community for myself and others. My path is clear, now it's time to integrate my mind, body, spirit, to unprecedented places. Truly playing the part I have been chosen to play and this what you will all hear on my tour in Oct 2015...

That is my story, so what is your story? [+]
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