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Step right up, ladies and gentleman...dissenters of distilled pop and orphans of the hipster revolution. Experience the phantasmagoric stylings and incomparable force of awe that is A tin djinn. Rising from the ashes of former stalwart Nashville outfit, 'Milkshake?' comes this rather undefinable trio. Lead by formidable archetype, majestic visionary, enforcer of paisley, ambassador of embroidery, and masterful instructor in the art of the muse, on guitar & vocals Eliot Wilcox! But he's not alone folks, he has with him a new face. The young Zulu warrior, with the echoing voice that resonates for days, the volatile, dazzling, furious bass slapper with a smirk that will cease you in your shivering stance, Gary (The Furious) Collins! And the newest addition to the group of Mad Men, a super-heroic talisman of hedonistic transmissional voom. On drums & vocals, the diabolical boom boom crooner, sarcastic, slap stick, black lipstick mother bitch with a "bag" full of tricks........Steve Tucci (aka Tooch)!......A tin djinn has set out to breathe a breeze of the bazaar into the local music scene of Raleigh. Lock up your children and hide the chiffon. A tin djinn is coming to a theatre near yooz!

It's hard to put into words what inspires one to create art. I feel if I'm doing it correctly I'll draw influence from everywhere,everything & everyone. Being open to possibility means thinking beyond normal reference points or ALLOWING yourself to imagine different backdrops on which to noodle, doodle,or ...tootle...
Music & sounds in all forms are a natural atmosphere for people to inhabit daily & from this we have an unlimited array of material from which to dream up songs and stories, musical moments, impressions, feelings, ideas, etc. Regardless of your particular area, classification, instumentation, or technical limitation, your imagination can continue to evolve naturally without much conscience effort.
It would seem that only the artists themselves would have the power to narrow their spectrum to a small influence & this would still take some exacting discipline, or perhaps a contrived formula...
The music of A tin djinn is not particularly modern and it isn't intentionally old fashioned. It is not designed to adhere to any specific principle or theme. We aren't targeting any obvious market or audience. It employs only the given technology that is available to us in the given moment. We look forward any opportunities to expand upon this whenever or wherever possible, if it sounds appropriate in the given circumstance. Our primary goal as a musical unit is to develop the musical idea, song, or moment in a way that is satisfying & makes sense to us as musicians. The result comes from hours of experimentation, practice & listening to music that we enjoy as a band & as individuals.
As performers A tin djinn are given to wearing clothing that is glittery, girly, spooky, silly, tacky, wacking, flashy, smashing and make-up that is ghoulish, clownish, colorful or cute. It is not intended to define us or our music, adhere to any specific image, or to be particularly unusual or even original. It is simply a matter of taste & unity between the members who are simply continuing a long standing visual tradition of....PERFORMANCE!

to be continued... [+]
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