Zoya (Russian: Зоя) is a feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name, a variant of Zoe, meaning "life". In Arabic, it means "life".

Zoe, Zoey, Zoyaylia

It may refer to:


In fiction

  • Zoya, a nurse and doctor in training in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's novel Cancer Ward
  • Zoya (novel), a 1988 novel by Danielle Steele
  • Zoya (1995 film), a 1995 TV film based on the novel
  • Zoya (film), a 1944 Soviet film
  • Stevie and Zoya, a series of animated shorts seen on MTV
  • Zoya Farooqui, a character on Qubool Hai, an Indian soap opera
  • Zoya Qureshi, a character in Ishaqzaade, an Indian movie


  • Zöyä, Tatar name of the village of Sviyazhsk