Yuna is a female given name in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Breton and Brazilian. In France, the name comes from Breton language in Brittany, and is translated "Yvette" in French. In Brazilian, it means "dark river", and is derived from Tupi 'y, water, + un, black. In Korean, depending on the written Hangul, the name can also be romanized as "Yoona" and "Yeonha".

Yuna may also refer to:




  • Yuna Aoi, a writer and manga artist and creator of Awaken Forest
  • Yuna Ito (born 1983), an American-Japanese female pop singer-songwriter
  • Yuna Kagesaki (born 1973), a manga artist and creator of Chibi Vampire
  • Yuna Takanagi, a manga artist and creator of Shiki Tsukai

South Korean

  • Im Yoona (born 1990), a singer and actress, a member of Girls' Generation
  • Kim Yuna (born 1990), a female figure skater
  • Younha (born 1988), a singer-songwriter
  • Seo Yuna (born 1992), a singer and actress, a member of AOA
  • Choi Yu-na (born 1997), stage name Yuju, a singer and member of girl group GFriend


  • Yuna (singer) (born 1986), or Yunalis Zarai, a female Indie pop singer-songwriter from Malaysia



  • ST Yuna, an Australian tugboat
  • Yuna (EP), a 2008 album by Malaysian acoustic singer Yuna