Yarin Kimor (born July 27, 1952) is an Israeli author, TV producer, international speaker, and creative thinking advocate. Through his books, lectures he deals with out-of-the-box thinking as well as creating his own riddle-game and performing special magic to demonstrate logic principals

In his TV career, Yarin has produced several films about the Israeli secret services (the Mossad).


Yarin Kimor was raised in Haifa and he is the son of Prof. Baruch Kimor (Komrovski), the pioneer of the Mediterranean Plankton research. Yarin served in Golani Brigade during Yom-kipor war.

Yarin is a graduate of the Hebrew University and a recipient of a coveted scholarship to The WPI (World Press Institute).

Yarin served as an Editor and Director in Israel Channel 1 TV. Among others, he co-directed the science show, was the education reporter. His documentary films have been distributed worldwide. He was the main editor and presenter of the investigative program, Mabat Sheni (The Israeli Sixty Minutes).

and was the first to reveal the facts behind the of the Israeli sports team during the He was the first to uncover the facts behind the Munich massacre of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics and the undercover war that the Mossad waged against the perpetrators, Black September.

Creative Thinking

Yarin is an international speaker about creative thinking to Governments, Defense Agencies and Fortune 500 companies

Yarin has invented an out-of-the-box riddle games for structuring creative thinking

Two books were written by Yarin about creative thinking The impossible is possible - his first book about the way to unlock thinking fixations. The other way around - that shows 750 alleged facts which we all think are true, even though they are complete false.

Yarin is the initiator of broadcasting the names of all Israel soldiers killed in action at a dedicated TV channel during the Memorial Day


Over the years, Yarin has directed several documentaries most of them about Israeli secret services.

  • "Sealed lips" - 6 head of the Mossad and 5 head of the Mossad departments speaking about special operation
  • "The Spy Who Came back from the Cold" - the story of Victor Grayevsky, a spy and a Jewish- Polish Journalist who hand the Israeli Mossad the secret speech of Nikita Khrushchev
  • "The Avenges" - 7 episodes TV series about Jews who revenged the 1,500 Nazis post the war. A hunt journey over 5 continents and dozens of countries
  • "Jenny May" - mini TV series - 3 episodes about the mysterious life and death of Jenny May, a Dolphin trainer and a secret agent
  • "Heroes Against their Will" - Documentary series of seven chapters which tells the stories of people caught up in life-threatening situations in their lives, without hope and without apparent chance, and dealt with them successfully