The Taipei Metro Xindian Line is an underground high-capacity line. The 11.2 km (7.0 mi)-route has 10 stations (including the partially elevated Xiaobitan Branch Line) and is part of the Green Line.[2] The line runs under the Roosevelt Road, following the route of the former TRA Xindian Line—which ceased service in 1965— on its southern section. It serves the areas of Xindian, Jingmei, Gongguan, and Ximen.


Rolling stock

Over the years, three kinds of rolling stock were used on this line, as well as on the through services between Xindian and Tamsui. The first fleet of trains were the C301 cars. In 1997, C321 cars were added to the fleet. In 2007, a fleet of C371 cars replaced all C321 cars. (C321 cars continue services on Bannan Line.)


CodeStation NameTransferLocation
→ Continues through Xiaonanmen Line then Songshan Line
G11Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall中正紀念堂Line 2ZhongzhengTaipei
G10Guting古亭Line 4
G9Taipower Building台電大樓Zhongzheng
(National Taiwan University)
G4Dapinglin大坪林Circular Line (TBD)XindianNew Taipei
G3Qizhang七張Xiaobitan Branch Line
G2Xindian District Office新店區公所

Future Expansion

With the completion of the Songshan Line in 2014, trains will connect to the Songshan Line (instead of the Tamsui Line) via the Xiaonanmen Line.[3]