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William Christopher LeGate is an American entrepreneur, Thiel Fellowcomputer programmer, and political commentator​ described by Business Insider as one of the most powerful people in tech. He was first recognized at age 15 by The New York Times for creating the iOS application Fake-A-Text which, as of 2015, has received over 6 million downloads. [4]

Upon graduating high school, billionaire PayPal co-founder and investor Peter Thiel awarded LeGate—then aged 18—with a Thiel Fellowship, a prestigious $100,000 (USD) grant given annually to around 20 people under 20 years of age on the condition that they drop out of school in order to pursue an entrepreneurial path.


Early life

LeGate was born on September 3, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, son of real estate entrepreneur father and stay-at-home mother. He was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta and is a graduate of The Walker School in Marietta, Georgia.


Thiel Fellowship

Having taught himself computer programming from online Stanford courses starting at the age of 13, LeGate stated in a 2011 interview that he has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Throughout high school, he created over a dozen iPhone applications which were being used by 1 in 12 American teenagers upon his graduation.

His early success caught the attention of billionaire PayPal co-founder and investor Peter Thiel who awarded LeGate—then aged 18—with a Thiel Fellowship, a prestigious $100,000 (USD) grant given annually to around 20 people under 20 years of age on the condition that they drop out of school in order to pursue an entrepreneurial path.


Toward the end of his Thiel Fellowship, LeGate began creating the Ponder mobile application of which he is presently listed as co-founder and CEO. The New York Post dubbed Ponder as the 'anti-Kardashian' photo sharing app with Teen Vogue adding that Ponder is "drama-free. No trolls, bullying, or negativity. Just cool photos & videos." Ponder is currently available in the iOS App Store.

Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen are both invested in the app, and Justin's brother Tyler Mateen is a co-founder of Ponder. The app has a 1.6 star rating in the App Store.[15]

Twitter and 4chan Dox

For several months prior and during the Trump administration, William LeGate would reply to every single Trump tweet criticizing his administration and conservatives in general.[16] In his Twitter bio, he called himself a "politcal analyst." On May 28th, LeGate directed a tweet at 4chan saying "I own 4chan. Don't you 4get. 4D Chess." Subsequently, his family was doxxed and he deleted his twitter account with his final tweet saying "My phone number is 1 (404) 771-0241... stop harassing my family. If you disagree with my tweets, attack me."[14]


In response, William's father, Duane LeGate, said that he had nothing to do with his son, saying that he is a conservative and vehemently disagrees with William's views and tactics.[17][18][19]  

Awards and recognition

  • In 2014, Business Insider named LeGate, alongside Marques Brownlee, as the most powerful 20 year old in tech.
  • In 2013, LeGate was listed as one of The 25 Most Impressive Kids Graduating From High School This Year, and soon after as one of The 8 Hottest Teenage Startup Founders In The World Right Now.
  • Billionaire PayPal founder and early Facebook investor, Peter Thiel granted LeGate a Thiel Fellowship in 2013.
  • The Atlanta Business Chronicle listed LeGate as one of their '20 Under 20' youth leaders.
  • When LeGate was 15 years old, his app Fake-A-Text was featured in The New York Times

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