Wilde is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Real people

In arts and entertainment

In film, television, and theatre

In music

  • Andrew Wilde (pianist) (born 1965), English classical pianist
  • Danny Wilde (musician) (born 1956), American musician and founding member of The Rembrandts
  • David Wilde (born 1935), British pianist and composer
  • Jinian Wilde, British singer, part of Uniting Nations and other musical projects
  • Kim Wilde (born 1960), British pop singer and pop culture figure
  • Marty Wilde (born 1939), British rock and roll singer and actor; father of Kim and Ricky Wilde
  • Ricky Wilde (born 1961), British songwriter, musician, and record producer
  • Wilbur Wilde (born 1955), Australian saxophonist

In other arts

  • Eduardo Wilde (1844–1913), Argentine politician, writer, and physician
  • Jane Francesca Agnes, Lady Wilde (1821–1896), Irish political activist, poet, and folklorist; mother of Oscar Wilde
  • John Wilde (1919–2006), American painter associated with Magic Realism
  • Liz Wilde (born 1971), American radio personality
  • Nurit Wilde (born 1971), Israeli-born photographer, socialite, and occasional actress
  • Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), Irish writer

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