Wendy Robbins (born 30 October 1963 in Bromley, Kent) is a British radio and television presenter and producer. She presents The House I Grew Up In broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and reports for The One Show on BBC1.


Wendy Robbins has worked for the BBC on the current affairs programmes Panorama, Newsnight, Breakfast Time, Correspondent, Public Eye, Here And Now and Watchdog. For BBC Radio she has presented From Our Own Correspondent, File On 4, Taking Note, Violent Britain and Five Live’s Breakfast Show as well as Jewish London on GLR.

Robbins has also presented France Inside Out for BBC2’s Learning Zone and What’s The Story? on Channel Five as well as BBC London News and the regional programmes First Sight in London and Spotlight in Northern Ireland. On the day Princess Diana died in 1997, she reported for BBC Television and took part in the subsequent funeral coverage. Since 2007 she has presented BBC Radio 4’s The House I Grew Up In and since October 2010 has presented reports for The One Show on BBC1.

She has been Executive Producer for numerous BBC programmes including Casualty 1907 and Everest ER and for the independent production company CTVC presented Bosnia’s War Babies on the BBC World Service and was Executive Producer for Too Old To Be A Mum? on BBC1 in January 2010.

She was portrayed by the actress Celia Meiras in Nuclear Secrets–Vanunu and the Bomb, the story of Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear technician kidnapped by Mossad for revealing Israel’s nuclear secrets to the world, shown on BBC Television in 2007.

Personal life

Wendy Robbins lives in north-west London with her partner the journalist/presenter of BBC Panorama John Ware and three children, one of which is Youtuber Louis.