WODA is a radio station in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. The station airs at 94.7 FM and its known commercially as La Nueva 94 FM. It has a sister station, WNOD airing at 94.1 FM in Mayaguez, covering the western part of Puerto Rico and retransmitting WODA programming.

Originally this radio station was owned and operated by Carlos Pirallo and was named WEYA which means "Ella" or "She", Radio Femenina and it was playing Beautiful Music with an automated system. Then in the early 1980s changed its call letters to WGSX with the "g" forming a 9 and S like a 5 and it was called 95X, with soft rock format.

During the 1980s the station was branded as 95X and its format was CHR/pop airing music from the 1980s pop and rock top stars. WGSX was an affiliate of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 throughout the 1980s. In 1992, the station changed to an Oldies music format airing Top 40 music from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The station was known commercially as Oldies 94.7.

In 1995, the station was acquired by Primedia Broadcasting, Inc and once again changed format and brand name. Originally geared toward an ever growing group of underground rap followers, the station was branded as Cosmos 94 FM, Tu Emisora Radioactiva. However the underground rap music format lasted just for a month and was changed to a CHR/Latin pop format. It was then sold to the Spanish Broadcasting System in 1998. The new owners turned it into a Rock en Español station, a format that lasted until 2002. Before changing the brand to "Onda 94" the last words spoken by the DJ was a quote that says "The human spirit does not die when it's defeated, it dies when it surrenders". During the last couple of hours of transmission as "Cosmos 94" various artists took part of the live broadcast as a sort of tribute to it. After that, it was rebranded as Onda 94, changing again to a Top 40 format.

The station then changed format and now plays a reggaeton format branded as Reggaeton 94 FM. In 2012 WODA changed its current reggaeton format and now still plays a Mixtape format branded as La Nueva 94 FM.



  • Radio Femenina 94.7 (1970s to 1980s)
  • 95X (1980s to 1990s)
  • Oldies 94.7 (1990 to 1995)
  • Cosmos 94 (1995 to 2002)
  • Onda 94 (2002 to 2006)
  • Reggaeton 94 (2006 to 2011)
  • La Nueva 94 (2012 to present)