WMNO-CD is a Class A low-power television station on UHF channel 28 (PSIP 22) in Marion, Ohio, affiliated with the Heroes & Icons network.


Channel 22 was founded on April 17, 1989. In 2004, the station was acquired from low-power broadcaster Crawford Broadcasting by Metro Video Productions, and was granted Class A status.

In 2008, the station was acquired by Studio 51 Multimedia Productions, Ltd., and began operating as TV 22 Marion, offering comprehensive coverage of the events in the Marion County, Ohio area, as well as other original programming. Serial entrepreneur and former Marion County Sheriff Ron Scheiderer was its President and CEO. In August 2009, the WBKA call sign was changed to WMNO (MarioN Ohio).

In 2015, the station was purchased by Positive News Network, Inc. at which point it took on its current network affiliation.

In Marion, WMNO can be viewed on Time Warner Cable channel 3 (with cable box) or channel 96 (without cable box).