WKTB-CD is a digital low-power class A TV station on channel 47 in metro Atlanta. Owned by Korean American TV Broadcasting, it broadcasts Spanish-language network, Telemundo on digital subchannel 47.1 & 47.2; conversely the 47.1 signal is rebroadcast on Rome-licensed Ion Television station WPXA-TV to provide a full-power Telemundo signal to the entire market, which also maps to 47.1 via PSIP. It also produces its own TV programming including news in Korean, airing it as Korean Television Network (KTN) along with South Korean network KBS World on 47.3. MBC America (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)is broadcast with local news and programming on 47.4. Around early April 2011, channel 47.5 broadcast Midwest Christian Television (MC-TV), a Korean-language Christian television network. Telemundo Atlanta (47.2) is 1080i HD and all remaining channels are in SDTV (480i).


The station was originally on Sweat Mountain, licensed to Roswell, Georgia on channel 67, and assigned W67CI from 1990 until changing in 2000. The change came as the FCC forced all LPTV stations to move out of channels 52 to 69, as all broadcasters are being forced to digital TV, and the upper channels over 51 sold off for other purposes. Programming prior to the change was mostly in Korean. It then became W38CU on channel 38 and switched to Telemundo, and had Atlanta as its new city of license.

As recently as 2008, it shared channel 38 with a modified construction permit for another class-A LPTV station, WYGA-CA. That station was licensed to channel 55 (which became MediaFLO mobile TV, and now AT&T LTE cellular), and applied to change its CP from channel 38 to 45, along with an application for a major upgrade in power (once analog WGCL-TV 46 was shut down in late June 2009). W38CU was listed with only 4.62 kW of ERP, apparently due to the proximity of WYGA-CA. W38CU used a somewhat directional antenna with a cardioid (heart-shaped) pattern, positioned just south of Norcross, Georgia, and with the slight null to the northeast. It does not appear to have reached as far southwest as Atlanta, its analog city of license. A CP issued for the station would have reduced analog coverage to the north and east even further. The current area covered around Doraville, Georgia is home to large populations of Hispanics and especially Asians, which are the demographics to which the channels cater.

Digital era

This station obtained a permit to construct W47DN-D as its digital companion channel on 47. This went on the air in early July 2008, giving the station an omnidirectional antenna pattern that reaches much of the metro area. Its city of license is suburban Norcross, and its transmitter location remains just south of there on the northwest side of Interstate 85, along with the analog station. It became WKTB-LD by request in April 2009, and received a permit to increase power to 15 kW. W38CU became WKTB-CA at that time, but does not appear to be on-air since its change to digital. In January 2011, the digital station was granted its broadcast license and its class-A status, making it WKTB-CD. In August 2013 WPXA-TV's UHF frequency 31 began repeating WKTB-CD's Telemundo in 480i SD on 47.1 (using PSIP).

Digital television

Digital channels

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:

ChannelVideoAspectPSIP Short NameProgramming[2]
47.21080i16:9TLMDMain WKTB-CD programming / Telemundo
47.4KTN KBSKorean Television Network (KTN)/KBS World
47.5KTN MBCKorean Television Network (KTN)/MBC America
47.6WKTBMidwest Christian Television (MC-TV), openly captioned in English
47.7VIETOPViet Song Media


Telemundo Atlanta (47.1 & 47.2) WKTB has a full newscast at 6pm and 11pm featuring coveted local anchors Jorge Buzo and Judith Martinez. Noticiero Telemundo Atlanta has the most relevant newscast for the local Hispanic community in Atlanta. Judith is no longer the News Director/Anchor of The newscast. Note That the weather Reports Come from weather channel en Español. On June 24,2015 It launched a half-hour 5:30PM to 6:00PM newscast making the station the first station in Spanish in Atlanta to have an hour long newscast. They also debuted a new graphics package from NBC Universal/Telemundo owned station and a New Set.

Notable current on-air staff

  • Luis Estrada – lead reporter and investigative reporter