WBQM-LD is a low-power Spanish independent television station licensed to New York, New York. It broadcasts on UHF channel 50. From January 2012 to November 2013, WBQM used virtual channel 3.1. The station formerly broadcast on VHF channel 3 and was previously owned by Renard Communications Corp. As of November 2013, they now use virtual channel 51. WBQM can't use its real channel of 50 as its virtual channel because of nearby New Jersey PBS station WNJN which broadcasts on Channel 51 and uses its old analog channel 50 as its virtual channel.

History as W38CL, W03BM, and WBQM LP

Founded in 1989 as the second over the air tv station in Brooklyn, the station didn't go on the air until 1998. Originally on channel 38 as a construction permit it was later moved to channel 3 due to a reassignment channel to Amityville, NY as WPXU LP. Like some stations that don't use channel 3 only reserved for VCR, cable, and gaming consoles. Throughout the 1990s the station ran The Box, and later MTV2 through transfer of ownership from Viacom. At that point in early 2006 it switch to Cornerstone Television. On August 17, 2007, Renard Communications announced that would sell WBQM-LP, along with, at that time, sister station WMBQ-CA to Equity Media Holdings for $8 million.[2] However, the transaction had a closing deadline set for June 1, 2008, and either party could cancel the sale if it were not completed by then. The sale was not consummated.[3] As of December 8, 2008 Equity Media Holdings was in chapter 11 bankruptcy.


In February 2012, Renard reached another deal to sell WBQM-LD, this time to Buenavision TV Network NY, LLC (WMBQ was sold separately several months earlier).[4]

As of February 2013 WBQM-LD joined an affiliation with CNN Latino and transmitted CNN Latino's signal on virtual channel 3.1 and 3.4, while the local Buenavision signal was on 3.2. As of November 2013 its virtual channel changed from channel 3 to channel 51, although its real channel frequency on channel 50 didn't change. CNN Latino was removed in 2014 to join WRNN-TV thus returning to a Spanish independent station.

Digital television

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:

Digital channels

51.1WBQM-LD480i16:9BuenaVision TV
51.3WBQM-LD480i4:3Cornerstone Television