Union Square Ventures (USV) is a New York-based venture capital firm that manages assets totaling $650 million as of January 2014. [2] The firm is best known for its early investments in companies including Zynga, Twitter and Tumblr. [4] Additionally, the firm's founder, Fred Wilson, has acquired a celebrity status in the tech world stemming in part to his blog AVC.com [5] [6] [7] [8]


Union Square Ventures was originally founded in 2003 by Fred Wilson (a former partner of Flatiron Partners) and Brad Burnham (a former Executor in Residence with AT&T Ventures). The two men created USV with the intent of investing in and fostering the development of early-stage companies. [9] Their investments are “mostly U.S.-based Internet and mobile companies considered to be ‘disruptive’”. [10]

In 2007, Albert Wenger ​, the former president of del.icio.us, joined the firm as a partner. The team was rounded out by the subsequent additions of John Buttrick and Betaworks founder Andy Weissman.

USV is one of a handful of firms that regularly included in Red Herring ’s lists of top venture capital firms. [11]

In 2011, USV was deemed as being the best performing VC in the US based on investment return rate. [2]


Among USV’s notable early-stage investments are: