The Tulsa Beacon is a weekly newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded by Charles and Susan Biggs under the corporate name Biggs Communications, Inc. The first paper was published in April 2001.


The Tulsa Beacon features news from Tulsa and the surrounding area. It includes local columnists, a recipe page, church news, columns by Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. James Dobson, local editorials and letters to the editor, syndicated columnists (Robert Novak, David Limbaugh, Mona Charen, and Walter Williams), local sports, television listings, movie reviews, classified ads, and legal notices. The Tulsa Beacon is a legal newspaper and a member of the Oklahoma Press Association.

Editorial and opinion

The Tulsa Beacon has a conservative editorial policy with an evangelical Christian slant. For example, the newspaper promotes the teaching of creation science and intelligent design as equal alternatives to evolution.[2] The newspaper is also very critical of liberals,[3] gay people,[4] and even Harry Potter.[5] The Tulsa Beacon refers to itself as "Tulsa's Family Newspaper."