Tsugumi (Japanese: つぐみ, Hepburn: Tsugumi), born Otake Tsuzumi (大竹 都々美, Otake Tsuzumi) on 21 February 1976, is a Japanese award-winning actress, model and adult video performer.


Life and career

Born in Tokyo, after graduating from high school she started working as race queen. Tsugumi made her film debut in Time Leap (1997), a film adaptation of the manga with the same name, then started widely appearing in films, V-Cinema releases, stage plays and TV-dramas. For her role in Moonlight Whispers (1999) she was awarded as Best Newcomer Actress at the 9th Japanese Professional Movie Awards and as Best New Talent at the 21st Yokohama Film Festival.[2]

In 2007, she left her agency and took a break from show business, taking up a job as a company employee.[3]

In 2010 Tsugumi announced her adult video debut with Muteki, a label specialized in casting celebrities in their adult video debut.[2][3]


Selected filmography

Adult video

  • Actress (2010, AV, MUTEKI, Dir.Ryota Nakanishi)
  • Clandestine (2011, AV, MUTEKI, Dir.Ryota Nakanishi)


Photo books

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  • Gekisha in Hawaii (1998, Shogakukan) ISBN 4093945853
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