Tracey Lain is the stage name of an award-winning international actress and producer of pornographic material, mainly video, television and webcam.[2] She has worked in several countries in Europe and North America and she has won three UK Adult Film and Television Awards.


Lain fashioned her stage name on a whim after the American porn actress Chasey Lain.[3] Besides the name Tracey Lain, she has used several similar performance names, including Tracey Laine, Tracey Lane, Tracy Lane and as Daphne.[4]

Lain began her career modeling lingerie and swimwear before becoming a nude model. After working as a gogo dancer in Cologne, Germany, she entered the porn industry in 2002 in Scandinavia, starring in films for Tre Mag and some photo shoots for magazines such as Cats and Rapport. She worked for the Magma company based in Essen, Germany and acted in eight films in 2002, followed by films for John Thompson’s German Goo Girls and the DBM label.[5]

In 2003, Lain moved to England and became a contract star for the UK company called Freddiesworld. In the same year, she also worked in the USA doing movies and photo shoots for adult entertainment production companies such as Red Light District, Metro, Van Damage, Platinum X, Acid Rain, Skeeter Kerkov, and Zero Tolerance. Lain has a been a regular star of several series produced by Freediesworld, including Knob the Builder, British Lesbo Grannies, and Freddie’s School for Sex. She has worked on TV productions such as Chariots of Jizz[6] and the adult satellite channel CXUK Television.[2]

Lain has also starred in various niche pornographic genres for Freddiesworld, including a number of comedy scenes, especially in the award-winning series Knob the Builder, where the protagonists posing as repairmen find various comic reasons to seduce their unwitting customers.[2]

In addition, Lain provides various on-line pornographic services through 121 chat, text and webcam services.[2]


Lain has appeared in over 130 adult movie productions in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, USA and England. Although there is no comprehensive list available, several sources provide various incomplete lists.[2][2][2]


2006, Best Female Performer In An Amateur Film, UK Adult Film and Television Awards

2007, Best Female Performer In An Amateur Film, UK Adult Film and Television Awards

2013, Best Solo or Girl/Girl Film/Scene shared with Talulah Tease, UK Adult Producers Awards[2]


Lain was born on February 2, 1978. Even though there are several references to her being born in Höör, Sweden and named Viola Ljungberg,[2][2] her own profile pages state she was born in Soest, Germany.[2] She was born to German and Swedish parents. She has green eyes and measurements of 34B-24-34. She states her orientation is bi-sexual.

In 2004, Lain married Freddie Hall (Dave Gray) a British male porn actor and owner of the production company Freddiesworld. She is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK). Lain gave birth to a child in April 2007.