The Gazette (formerly the Near West Gazette and then Near South Gazette) is a monthly newspaper covering the Near West/Tri-Taylor, University Village, West Loop, South Loop, West Haven, Bridgeport/Armour Square, Chinatown, Bronzeville, West Town, and Heart of Chicago communities of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its circulation is 17,000.


In 1983, native Chicago Near West Sider Mark J. Valentino at age 26 started the Gazette with no financial backing other than his own small savings. The Near West Side neighborhood had had no community publication since 1971. Editor and Publisher Valentino added business partner and Associate Editor William S. Bike to the publication, and the Gazette was underway.


The Gazette is one of the few independently owned publications in Chicago and is a vehicle that brings the diverse neighborhoods it covers together, despite their close proximity. These are communities of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Croatian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Lithuanian-Americans, and well-to-do professionals and gentrifiers who would have few bridges to each other without the Gazette, which covers all their news. In recognition of this, Valentino in 1997 received the Bernadine C. Washington Award conferred by the Chicago Commission on Human Relations for the Gazette's work in improving human relations in Chicago and building bridges among communities. The Chicago City Council that year also passed a resolution honoring the Gazette for building bridges among communities.

Unlike many other media, the Gazette covers every candidate in local races, whether they are considered "legitimate" or not by the citywide media. As a result, underfunded candidates, particularly African-American and Hispanic candidates, get as much and as balanced coverage as wealthier candidates.

The Gazette since 1993 has won more than 40 local, national, and even international journalism awards.

The Gazette is located at 1335 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60607, (312) 243-4288,,