The Tahlequah Daily Press is a daily newspaper published in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States. It is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.


Originally published as The Pictorial Press, this newspaper was founded by Clyde D. Cain and wife Margaret B. Cain, in August 1963. Page layout began on the family dining room table at Big Hollow, 8 miles south of Tahlequah in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.

After a modest beginning, the publication began to grow in subscriptions when historic pictures of people and places throughout the county were published, to include requests for information regarding those photographs. The paper also contained stories of past and current events in the outlying rural communities. Many local merchants were regular advertisers.

As the paper grew, operating space became limited. Cain rented a building on State Street in Tahlequah in 1964 to accommodate production requirements. At that time, Cain also hired Ted Risenhoover and his wife Carol as employees of the paper.

One to be always looking for new adventures, Cain quickly tired of the newspaper business and sold the publication to Risenhoover in 1965. Risenhoover owned the paper for a number of years before selling it. Eventually, the newspaper absorbed the Tahlequah Star and the Cherokee County Chronicle, thus linking itself to newspapers that had been around well before the turn of the 20th century. <Oklahoma Historical Society Newspaper Archives>