Tag Adams and Chet Roberts (born 1972 in Hanover, Pennsylvania) are the stage names of an American gay pornographic film actor. His legal name is Kelly Kreitz.


His film porn career began with Billy's Tale (1994) under the pseudonym "Chet Roberts", a retaliatory homage to a Hanover school bully. He decided with his then-boyfriend to settle in Winchester, Virginia. The boyfriend encouraged him to resume his career, which he did about 2002, but physically much different than the original image of a twink—more muscular and hairier. He credits LaRue as providing career guidance, "It requires more than a love for sex."[2]

The funniest moment he had when filming was with a LaRue-directed project produced by Falcon Studios in an orgy scene when he was back-to-back with another actor who was on hands and knees. Adams had his feet in the air, the sweat started flying and he went sliding, sometimes off of the base, until the other actors in the scene lent their helping hands and good editing to make the final product "turned out really hot". LaRue called him Taglet; a play on his first name that is melded with "piglet" to denote his adventurous sexual proclivities. He is known as an industry bottom.[2]

Adams delayed for two years the official announcement of his 2007 retirement because projects that had been filmed had yet to be released although he did qualify the statement that of the about ten films to come out since he stopped filming were "best of" reissue compilations. Despite the retirement there are times that recognition is made such as when he walks his dog. He said that nods of recognition occur less in D.C. than in more rural areas of the mid Atlantic, such as when he is visiting friends or family. He is working toward a career in interior design.[2]

After a lengthy court battle and a failed plea deal Tag Adams was convicted in federal court on sex and drug charges involving a minor. Adams maintained his innocence, insisting that he had been framed or "set up" by an undercover FBI agent who contacted him in an online chat room. Adams changed his mind about his innocence in 2012 and pleaded guilty to all charges. He was sentenced to eight years in prison.[3]

Partial videography

He made more than 50 films, including many that are said to have been the industry's biggest-budget productions. He won seven GAYVN Awards, including 2005's Performer of the Year.[2]

As Chet Roberts

  • Billy's Tale (1994)
  • Drenched Part 1
  • The Drenched Set

As Tag Adams

  • Pokin' in the Boys Room
  • Detention
  • Tag Punished
  • Bedroom Eyes


Preceded by
Michael Soldier & Chris Steele
for Cops Gone Bad!
GayVN Awards for Best Sex Scene[8] (with Chad Hunt)
for Detention

Succeeded by
Dean Phoenix & Marcus Iron
for BuckleRoos 2
Preceded by
Joe Foster
GayVN Awards for Performer of the Year[8]
Succeeded by
Gus Mattox