Tablet magazine is an American Jewish general interest online magazine sponsored by Nextbook.[2] Launched in June 2009, it is the successor magazine to Nextbook (2003–09).

Tablet magazine runs several new pieces each day, in addition to hourly updates on its blog, The Scroll. It also produces weekly installments of its podcast, Vox Tablet.

In December 2009, Nextbook, Inc, Tablet's parent company, announced a strategic partnership with JDub Records.[3] According to the JTA: "Under the partnership, the two organizations will remain separate and will still produce their own records and books and cultural materials, but JDub will essentially become Nextbook's in-house marketing and PR department." By 2011, despite Tablet's support, JDub folded citing an inability to find new funding.[4] On August 17, 2015, Jewcy announced that it was going on a summer sabbatical.[5] It hasn't published any new content since.

Notable stories

In 2012, questions by Michael C. Moynihan, writing for Tablet, led to Jonah Lehrer's resignation from The New Yorker: Lehrer had invented and cobbled together quotes attributed to Bob Dylan for his biography of the singer, Imagine: How Creativity Works.[6]