The Szent István University (Hungarian: Szent István Egyetem, acronym: SZIE or SZIU) is a university of technology in Hungary. Its headquarters and main campus are located about 30 kilometres from the capital, Budapest, in the Central Hungarian town of Gödöllő. Other campuses are based in Budapest, Békéscsaba, Gyula, Jászberény, and Szarvas. The University consists of eight different faculties for study and research, and enrolls approximately 15,000 students.[4]

The university was established in 2000 from the merge of several previously independent institutions - the oldest of these being the former University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, founded in 1787.[2] (Note: In 2016, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest regained its independence thus it is no longer part of the SZIU.) The Szent István University is named after Hungarian King Stephen I (the Saint). The current rector of the university is Dr. János Tőzsér.[4]