Spectroscopy is a trade magazine published since 1985 by the Advanstar Publishers.[3] Spectroscopy has an editorial goal to promote and support the use of spectroscopic instrumentation in applied research, environmental testing, quality control, and the life sciences.[4]

Spectroscopy covers many techniques from analytical chemistry to include: atomic absorption and emission (including plasma-based methods such as ICP and ICP-MS); ultraviolet spectroscopy, visible spectroscopy; infrared spectroscopy (including FT-IR and Near-infrared spectroscopy; fluorescence, phosphorescence, and luminescence; Raman spectroscopy and FT-Raman; X-ray (XRF, XRD, and microanalysis); mass spectrometry; magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR, MRI); surface analysis (ESCA, SIMS, Auger); and laser-based spectroscopic techniques.