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Spectacles are a pair of smartglasses developed and manufactured by Snap Inc., announced on September 23, 2016 during Snap Inc's rebrand from Snapchat Inc. and released on November 10. They are made for Snap's image messaging and multimedia platform Snapchat and are exclusively distributed through Snap's pop-up vending machine, Snapbot. [17]   


On December 2014, Snap Inc., then Snapchat Inc., acquired Vergence Labs, the developers of the Epiphany Eyewear smartglasses. On October 2015, a video leaked online showed an early version of the glasses, dubbed the "Spectacles". Furthermore, news outlets reported employee hirings from companies such as from Microsoft, Nokia and Qualcomm and Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel was seen wearing the prototype in public according to a report by Business Insider in June.

After Snapchat Inc.'s rebrand to Snap Inc. on September 24, 2016, the product was unveiled and announced on the same day. The product was released on November 10, 2016 when the first Snapbot, a proprietary vending machine for the smartglasses, was located near Snap's headquarters in Venice, Los Angeles.



The glasses consist of two separate houses within the sides of the frame for the battery and camera. The camera lens has a 115° field of view and records in a circular format that adapts to a smartphone's screen size and orientation. The smartglasses record when the user taps a button on the side of it's frame, up to a maximum of 10 seconds and syncs with it's designated smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The camera also houses a ring of LED lights that indicate the battery level, when the camera is recording, etc. The pair of glasses charge in a yellow case that has a built-in battery and connects to its proprietary cable.


The glasses are exclusive to Snap Inc.'s service, Snapchat. They are paired by looking at the user's account Snapcode and pressing the button on the glasses frame, as well as connecting to them via Bluetooth. The videos taken on the glasses are stored internally within the camera and can be viewed and individually uploaded in the "Memories" section of Snapchat.



Snapbot is a proprietary pop-up vending machine developed and manufactured by Snap Inc. It is designed for the exclusive distribution of Spectacles and is randomly placed anywhere in the United States for the duration of a day, with the exception of New York City, operating through a pop-up store. The machine has three buttons for the Spectacles' color options - pink, black, and blue - and had a dispenser in the shape of a semicircle-esque smile. It allows the person to virtually "try on" the glassesusing Snapchat's filter technology and the dispenser illuminates when the Spectacles are dispensed.


United StatesStatusTypeRef
Venice, Los AngelesMovedVending machine 
Big Sur, CaliforniaMoved 
Tulsa, OklahomaMoved
Santa Monica, CaliforniaMoved 
Pasadena, CaliforniaMoved 
Grand CanyonMoved 
New York CityCurrentPop-up store 
Tallahassee, FloridaMovedVending machine 
Los Angeles, CaliforniaMoved 


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