Soledad, Spanish for "solitude", often refers to María de la Soledad (Our Lady of Solitude), a variant name of Mary the mother of Jesus, in Roman Catholic tradition

Soledad may also refer to:



Various places named after María de la Soledad

Buildings and Institutions


  • "La Soledad", a song by Pink Martini from Sympathique
  • "La Soledad", a Spanish-language version of the song "La solitudine" by Laura Pausini
  • "Soledad", a musical piece by Ástor Piazzolla
  • "Soledad", a song by Alexander Brandon
  • "Soledad", a song by Carlos Gardel
  • "Soledad", a song by Causa Sui
  • "Soledad", a song by Colors
  • "Soledad", a song by Eric Burdon and Jimmy Witherspoon from Guilty!
  • "Soledad", a song by Mano Negra from Puta's Fever
  • "Soledad", a song by MC Lars from Indie Rocket Science
  • "Soledad", a song by Qarpa
  • "Soledad", a song by Rodriguez Jr, Album : Rubbo Swingo
  • "Soledad", a song by Westlife from Coast to Coast
  • "Soledad", a song by Emilio José
  • "Soledad", a song by Don Omar

Film and television

  • Soledad (2001 TV series), a 2001 Peruvian telenovela starring Coraima Torres and Guillermo Pérez
  • Solitary Fragments, a 2007 Spanish film written and directed by Jaime Rosales