Shay may refer to:


Given name

Sports figures



Fictional characters

  • Carly Shay and Spencer Shay, characters in the TV series, iCarly
  • Pearl Shay, fictional character on the situation comedy 227, portrayed by Helen Martin
  • Shay, fictional character in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series
  • Shay Bourne, fictional character in the novel, Change of Heart

Other uses

  • Shay's Warehouse and Stable, on Point Street in New Hamburg, New York
  • The Shay, the ground of Halifax Town F.C. and Halifax RLFC
  • Shay, alternative spelling for chaise (carriage)
  • One-horse shay, a light, covered two-wheeled carriage for two persons, drawn by a single horse
  • Shai, the Egyptian god of fate
  • Shay, Egyptian tea
  • Shay, a human tribe in the Shadow World RPG campaign setting
  • Shay locomotive, a type of steam locomotive patented and popularized by Ephraim Shay