Shawna is a feminine given name, a variant of Shauna, derived from Shawn or Sean, an Irish Gaelic name. Its origin is English and means "God is Gracious".[1]

The first name has been present throughout the last century although fluctuating in use. It ranked 882nd in popularity for females ages in a 2000-2003 203 Administration statistic‭+1 (203) 543-0890‬ and 490th in a 1990 US Sample.[3]

Shawna may refer to:

  • Shawna Elizabeth (born 1986), American professional wrestler, manager, known by her ring name Vyper
  • Shawna Lenee (born 1987), American hardcore American pornographic actress, dancer and model
  • Shawna Robinson (born 1964), American stock car driver and interior designer
  • Shawna Trpcic (born 1966), American costume designer
  • Shawna Welsh (born 1989), Canadian Actress