Seka (born Dorothiea Ivonniea Hundley,[4][6] April 15, 1954[2]) also known as Dorothea Hundley Patton,[6] is a retired American pornographic actress who starting at the age of 23 appeared in pornographic films from 1977 to 1993.[2]

Early life

Dorothiea Hundley was born and raised in Radford, Virginia,[2] having, she recalled, "a plain, normal childhood" with two siblings, a brother and sister.[8] She describes her ancestry as Cherokee and Irish.[6] Nicknamed "Dottie," she won a high-school beauty pageant, being named Ms. Hopewell High School[10] or Miss Hopewell High School[4] (accounts vary) and became Miss Southside Virginia.[4]

Hundley married Francis "Frank" Patton on April 21, 1972, a week after her 18th birthday. She and Patton divorced before she began her pornographic career in 1977.[6] She worked for Reynolds Metals Company, maker of Reynolds Wrap household aluminum, and later became a clerk at an adult bookstore, where she began dating the married owner.[6]


As she described her entry into pornographic film, following her moving from the East Coast to first Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles,[4]

I had seven adult bookstores in Virginia and Maryland that I owned. In the back of the stores at that time, you had the movies and you would have to loop the movies. So I would have to fix the movies when they broke and of course, I ended up watching a lot of movies. Well, I saw these ladies doing Adult Films back then and felt that was a nasty representation of women. I thought to myself that I can do it and do it better than that. That is how I came into the industry.[12]

Seka's early pornographic pseudonyms included Linda Grasser.[14] She eventually adopted the screen name Seka, after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Las Vegas.[16] (She married actor-turned-director Kenneth M. Yontz the year after her porn debut; they divorced in 1980.) She went on to star in more than 200 adult videos[2] with a "break" in 1982, when she stopped shooting sex movies, claiming "they wouldn't pay her what she wanted,"[16] and turned to stripping and nude modeling while also running her own fan club. Subsequently, she admitted that the HIV[17] epidemic in the mid-1980s contributed to her decision to avoid the hardcore sex scene, saying, "That's why I don't make movies any more...I like to live."[18] By the early 1990s, she had returned to the porn industry to perform in a few final movies, her last being American Garter.[19]

Jamie Gillis, who performed with Seka numerous times, considered her to be "a bit above porn," describing her as a "white trash queen." Of her fellow performers, she listed her favorite male screen partners as Gillis, John C. Holmes, Mike Ranger, and Paul Thomas.[18] In terms of female screen partners, she rated her favorites as Veronica Hart, Aunt Peg, Kay Parker, and Candida Royalle.[18]

Other ventures

In 1997, she hosted a radio talk show in Chicago called Let's Talk About Sex on Saturday nights from 10pm-2am on 97.9FM, The Loop; she hosted it for approximately three years.[12]

In 2005, Seka moved from Chicago to Kansas City, operating her fan club through her own website.[21] In February 2007, she stated she had just shot her first hardcore scene in nearly 15 years, available as online pay-per-view.[21]

In 2015, she published her autobiography, Inside Seka, whose text Kerry Zukus transcribed from her dictations. Jim Norton wrote the foreword, and Bobby Slayton wrote the afterword.


She has appeared on various talk shows such as those hosted by Alan Thicke, Montel Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Phil Donahue, and Morton Downey Jr.,[22][24] as well as an appearance on the variety show Saturday Night Live.[25] Seka was also in the 2010 documentary After Porn Ends, which is about life after being a porn actor.

Personal life

Aside from her marriages to Frank Patton (1972-1977?) and Kenneth M. Yontz (1978-1980), Seka in the middle 1980s dated comedian Sam Kinison, whom she credits for arranging an appearance with him on Saturday Night Live.[6]

Awards and recognition

Seka is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame,[4] and the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame.

Partial filmography

  • Teenage Desires (1978) (footage from 1974)
  • Rocking With Seka (1980)
  • Inside Seka (1980)
  • The Seduction Of Cindy (1980)
  • Exhausted: John C. Holmes, the Real Story (1981)
  • Blond Heat (1985) (opposite John Leslie)
  • Careful, He May Be Watching (1987)
  • American Garter (1993)
  • Desperately Seeking Seka (2002)