Sasha Gabor (born Sámuel Guttman, 6 June 1945 – 27 June 2008) was a Hungarian-Norwegian pornographic actor.

In 1957, he moved from Hungary to Lillestrøm, Norway as a refugee, before later moving to the United States.[4] He started his career in pornography in 1984, aged 38 or 39.[4] After retiring from performing, he returned to Norway in 2001.[4] In 2008, aged 63, he died from heart problems while on holiday in Thailand.[2][4][3]

Gábor had five children and was married three times:[4]

  1. Rosalinda Ponce (married June 1987–divorced August 1996); 3 children
  2. Aud Berggren (married August 1979–March 1983); 2 children
  3. Anita Gabor (married October 1967–September 1977)

He reportedly also worked as a commercial pilot, writer, circus musician, soldier, and as a Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery look-alike.[2][4]