The Sandusky Register is a daily newspaper serving Sandusky, Ohio, as well as nearby Port Clinton and the Lake Erie Islands (collectively known regionally as Vacationland).[6] It is considered the paper of record for the entire region.


The Sandusky Register has been in production since 1822, originally known as the Sandusky Clarion. Published in a building at the corner of Columbus Avenue and East Water Street, the Clarion became a daily newspaper on April 24, 1848. The Clarion office burned down in January 1852, destroying almost all files. Rechristened the Daily Register, the paper continued to grow with its city, becoming a paper of Republican affiliation in 1856.[3]

In 1859, the paper was renamed the Commercial Register. The name plate Sandusky Register first appeared in 1869. A charter member of the Western Associated Press, parent of the present Associated Press, the Register was one of the first newspapers able to supply, through radio dispatch, instant news. In 1929, the Sandusky Register purchased the Democratic-affiliated paper the Sandusky Star-Journal and moved to its present location at Jackson and Market Streets. Both the Register and the Star-Journal continued publication under the corporate name of Sandusky Newspapers Inc. In 1941, the company acquired the rival Sandusky News, and the name on all editions was changed to the Register Star-News. The paper resumed its original name Sandusky Register in 1958.

Its website went live in 1996. The local entertainment website for Sandusky and the Lake Erie Islands also went live in 1996.

Audience reach and circulation

Total network audience:

  • 131,126
  • 34,345
  • 12,023

Average paid circulation for the Sandusky Register:
Daily 20,888
Sunday 24,094

Awards and honors

  • 2005: Digital Edge Award from the Newspaper Association of America for Best Online Advertising Program.
  • Four-time Associated Press General Excellence Award winner - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
  • 2008: Best Web Site by the Associated Press in 2008 (
  • 2008: Associated Press Best Enterprise series)
  • 2012 Numerous individual Associated Press awards[4]